Jodi Avery and Her Doberman, Zara, featured in Tampa Bay Real Producers Magazine June 2022

Jodi Avery, top real estate broker at Keller Williams Clearwater, and her pet Doberman, Zara, make a great team. Everybody knows the real estate process can be stressful at times and that pets provide great stress relief and companionship for their owners. For years, Jodi has been one of Tampa Bay’s top real estate brokers winning multiple awards and turning meaningful connections with clients into friendships. One of Jodi’s closest companions is her 2-year-old Blue European Doberman, Zara. More than just a pet, Zara and Jodi share a strong bond.

Jodi says, “Our pets steal our hearts and bring us joy. My years of experience have shown me that having a powerful dog like Zara by my side is a good idea for protection as I navigate the day-to-day of the real estate business. Moreover, Zara has become a social media star in her own right. And she’s so cute, too!”

Zara can often be seen on Jodi’s social media feeds and the inspiration behind the “Woof Wednesday” segments. On “Woof Wednesdays,” Jodi encourages Tampa Bay pet owners to share their favorite pictures of their pets. From the goofy things that pets can be up to the beautiful snaps of different breeds and the kind of pets completing families, these social media posts bring a smile to everybody’s face.

Dobermans do have a fierce reputation, but here are some more characteristics of the breed:

Protective – Dobermans are extremely loyal and are quick to defend their owners in any situation.

Intelligent – The Doberman breed is one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. Consistently, this breed scores highly on intelligence and obedience tests.

Active – The breed originally hails from Germany often admired by owners for the dog’s elegance and athleticism. Dobermans are high-energy dogs, both intellectually and physically, and are quick learners when it comes to dog etiquette.

With proper training and care, Dobermans are affectionally known as “Dobies” and become cherished and loving members of the family, respected for their intelligence and devotion.

Zara was trained at “Sit N’ Stay Dog Academy” under the owner, Clark Inghram. Clark has been a master dog trainer for 50 years. Since 2003, this family-owned and -operated business, has been recognized as Tampa Bay’s best professional dog training. A pillar of the community, Clark’s experience has proven that repetition and consistency are the foundation of successful dog training. Moreover, “Sit N’ Stay Dog Academy” believes that clients truly become family. The mission of “Sit N’ Stay Dog Academy” is to teach owners like Jodi to become leaders for their pets. Clark’s dog-training philosophy is to focus on the goals and specific needs of each family because every family deserves a special bond with their pet.

“Sit N’ Stay Dog Academy” offers an array of services from puppy training, therapy-dog training, and service-dog training geared towards teaching owners the natural way to communicate with their canine companions. As a graduate of Clark Inghram’s training, Zara is a well-behaved dog and trusted companion for Jodi and her family. As far as temperament, Zara is extremely affectionate, sweet, and considers herself a lap dog. She is reserved with strangers and very protective of Jodi, her family, and home. She is 85 pounds, which is considered small for the breed. However, Zara packs a lot of love into those 85 pounds.

Jodi says, “Zara is part of the family and the Jodi Avery real estate team. Part of what I love about connecting with my clients is that we offer a seamless concierge service with a warm signature touch to our clients who often become friends. Zara is an integral part of that connection. Whether being featured on social media or going with me about my day, I love having Zara by my side.”